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Categories: Chemistry, Spit, Kissing, Oral, Hard Fucking, Blowjob, Rough, Fingering, Pussy Eating, Slapping, Hitachi, Cumshot, Cum Swapping, Strap On, Cosplay, Pov

Performers: Cam Damage, Ravyn Alexa

27 minute video. Ravyn Alexa is new in town, and while searching for a local pool - she spots Cameron sitting outside his place. Once she asks him for directions, Cameron invites Ravyn to use his pool instead. After a brief swim, Ravyn joins Cameron - who is now seated in the backyard working on his "art". Ravyn compliments it, and asks Cameron to show her more of his work. He invites her inside, and after showing her a (purposefully comedic) "art film", Ravyn asks if she could also be in one of his movies. Cameron tells her he has a part she would be perfect for... can you guess what it is?

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